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~ Raynor's Fanpage ~: Raynor's fanaccount nieuw hier op tumblr!


Het fanaccount over Raynor Arkenbout slaat een nieuwe weg in. Voortaan vind je alle laatste nieuwtjes rondom Raynor hier op onze eigen Raynor Arkenbout Tumblr fanpagina! Je kunt alle berichten die je hier leest ook heel makkelijk doorsturen naar al je vrienden: beweeg met je cursor over de gele…

Hallo iedereen <3

het officiële twitter account en fansite van Raynor Arkenbout heeft sinds kort tumblr ontdekt! Ga allemaal snel een kijkje nemen en volg dit geweldige nieuwe blog! ze zijn de basis waarvan ik veel van mijn informatie vandaan haal! dus alles wat je hier mogelijk hebt gelezen is hoogst waarschijnlijk als eerste bij dit nieuwe blog lezen! (natuurlijk in het nederlands)

Volg hier:

Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal even een kijkje nemen en ze een hartelijk welkom geven op tumblr :)


what is going to happen with this blog :)

hiii everyone <3

so first i’m sorry for being gone all this time… i have no excuses besides school… but i don’t count this as an excuse cuz i haven’t letting know anything from me about ferry or raynor in public posts on this blog :) so i have a solution which i think is the most i can do for y’all :)

i’ll still post all the important news about ferry and raynor :) like ferry in the judge for the junior songfestival in the netherlands, and raynor in VRijland :) the big news for them :) i always loved the little search party’s i did for all the info, screenshots, pics, summarys, performing dates, translations and go on :p but it’s way to much to continue the way i did before :c i wish that if i had the time i could make it work again but i don’t :c school is taking the most of me besides my social life..

i’ve still awnsered all your questions you sent me, all this time i was gone for most of you. i’ll keep doing this 100% :D it’s just that i don’t have to spend time on posts nobody really cares about ;p i hope you all understand this :) send me your questions and i’ll awnser them as clear as possible the way i always did before in my posts :)

the next 3 weeks
the next 3 weeks i won’t post public posts but i will awnser questions as usual! :) school is litteraly going to kill me with tests and assignmentsss :s damn i wish i was still on secondairy school sometimes :P this is waayyy harder but i quess that this is what they call; growing up? my life is changing i weird ways and this is one of them:) i’m going on a internship for a week next week, then the week after this i have all the tests in one together with the assignments and the week after THIS i’m going to get some rest and fun with school in The City of Love; Paris <3

I hope you know everything you need to know and more <3 I love you all and thank you so so much for all the cute messages and questions <3 i love it that there are fans like you guys of Ferry and Raynor :) without y’all this blog wouldn’t and couldn’t excist :) so thank you thank you thank you <3 send me questions, i’ll awnser them and i’ll make public posts again in 3 weeks :) xoxoxo

lot’s of love from me, the netherlands xoxoxox

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De verdwijning van Bo Monti, link?

Sorry guys there isn’t a link of livestream or even download to watch the serie…. If you don’t live in the netherlands :c it isn’t really a popular serie and VERY new… And for children (i watch it tho xd) but nope sorry guys xd but if you have a question about this send it to me in my askbox please cuz i can’t awnser comments and can’t send questions on my ipod :c this info about de verdwijning van bo moti is meant only for people who don’t live in the netherlands xd >


Anonymous asked: have you ever stole anything from a store or person?

I haven’t… from the store at least ;) i have stoled something from school when i was somewhere about 11 years old ;p it was a pen from the teatcher at the time. i hated myself from doing it but i was to afraid to give it back xd

Goodnight lovely people!!!

Tomorrow i’ll translate the GTST spoilers from this week AND next week!!! Post some pictures of what happened between Bilal and Lucas in GTST :) (very exciting) and a little summary of their story under the pictures or in a different post :) so keep tuned!!! And goodnight for all the peeps who were just about to go to sleep :)

Love ya’ll sooo much

Raynor Arkenbout in VRijland this week!!

Watch VRijland this week guys because raynor will be arriving in his character Lodewijk somewhere this week :D

WICKED stops!!!!!

If you want to see Ferry shine with his role as Fyjero in wicked…. You have to be fast because wicked stops the 11th of January in 2013!! (In the netherlands of course)

De verdwijning van Bo Monti starts the 13th of October!!

Ferry doedens is playing Bo Monti, the lead role in the serie De 3 van westwijk en de verdwijning van Bo Monti. It starts the 13th of October at 18:55 ned3 (z@pp)

Ferry as judge for the junior songfestival in the netherlands!!!

Ferry Doedens is a judge for the junior songfestival at 06-10-12 on the netherlands television!!